Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blue Poster

Wanted : A Forever Home

Blue is a rescued 6 year old, Merle Great Dane, 120lbs, very underweight.

Blue is very Alpha but has joined our pack of three with few problems.

Blue needs to be handled with care by someone with canine experience because we don't know his past. We have had him for about two weeks now. Blue is very obedient and listens well. Left alone, he will get into trouble. If food is in reach, he will help himself to it. We think that Blue was starved looking at his underweight physic and this may explain his thieving behavior.

Blue absolutely loves to play with toys, outside his favorite game is fetch. He loves his walks.

When in the house, Blue is a couch potato, preferring to lay on his mat with one eye open if he is awake at all.

Blue gets along well with our 2 cats in the house but chases them when outside.

The family that adopts Blue will be subjected to an interview and a house inspection.

Blue is also available for a sleep over to see if everyone is happy with the new arrangements.

A donation will be asked for to cover Blue's vet bills and expenses.

Jess Home 355-9230 Cell 392-5300

Thursday, October 16, 2008

and even more Porter

The Black Dog is Casey, a 4year old Great Dane.

More Porter





This is Porter, he is a 2 year old cross.
Porter has Addison's disease
He needs a pill a day (<$1)
Porter is a real joy, plays all the time and always has a toy in his mouth.
Porter is very sociable and gets along with everyone.
Just before bed, Porter always needs to come for his hugs.
He never gets on the furniture, prefers to sleep by the inside door, loves to be outside and absolutely loves the water.


This is Blue, he is a 6 year old Merle Great Dane.
He is still very skinny and a little protective over his food with other animals.
He is 118lbs but should have about another 20lbs on him.
He is very obedient but a real Alpha.
He has separation anxiety.
With his anxiety and lack of body weight, I can only imagine his past.
He is as good as gold in the house, curling up into a ball smaller than I would of thought for his size.
He seems to care less about cats, ours rub against him and welcome him to the place.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

need homes

All these fellas need homes