Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ally progress

Yay ! She's finally got the concept of sleeping indoors and pooping outdoors. No mess in the house and she slept on a mat and had free run of the house all night. Good health stools and clear pee. Yay

Friday, February 22, 2013

So tired

Tried to sneak upstairs for some real sleep but Ally noticed us missing in minutes and began crying. So everyone is outside now having a quick break before more restful slumber. No "accidents" since last afternoon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

allison sleep

There's a bone sticking in my eye but I'm sooooo comfortable I can't move


Played out

Day one done

Smilo Milo is adopted by his foster family !!!!!!! Yay !!!

Pics to follow.


Did you guys forget about me?

Allison's Chain

It weighs more than her .


Hello ?


Always knows to look at the camera.

On Guard



I'm a Princess.

Rest period

Boy does she have energy.

Night one

She peed in the house at some point last evening so we decided to crate her. She is fine but cries if left alone so I "slept" on the couch. At about 4 am I let her out to have a pee break with the boys. Really hard to get her outside. Had to catch her. Then let them in, put her in the crate after about 5 minutes and back to my slumber. Woke this morning to find that she had peed and pooed  in that 5 minutes. So not used to not trusting a dog. As for the cats, one ignores her and walks right by but the other still puts on the whole show when she is around. If he would only relax. In his mind, he has named her Shedidit. She doesn't stand a chance.
    She has a ton of energy and everything is a toy. Even a 5 lb container of screws. Ship picks it up and flings it. This dog has never had her own toys.
    All had a good breakfast. I have her on can food from the vet and will slowly introduce dry food. She eats faster than my sister. Ravenous. I'll give her an hour of quiet time and then we'll go out and play and work on some commands.
   Have now started calling her Allison. Right now she is downstairs crying/howling as I write this. Gotta go.