Friday, May 15, 2015


Some Things that I have learned about Puppyhood in five days.
Newspaper is to be shredded and distributed throughout the house.
EVERYTHING is a puppy toy.
Boundaries are a LEARNED behaviour.
A quiet sleeping puppy is a good thing,
A quiet puppy is NOT.
To a puppy, bare toes are snack food.
Puppy toots are cute, at a distance.
High energy time is right after a poo, especially at 4 am.
Cats do not like a puppy to smell their bum, or any part of them actually.
Puppies give cats motive to mend their relationships with the other house cats.
Parrots hate puppies, cute or not.
Parrots start attending friendship classes with the cats.
Puppies imitate older dogs to a tee.
This can irritate Danes in the morning hours.
Puppies are mystified when peed on by larger dogs.
Puppies attend all meetings in the washroom, invited or not.
Puppies genetically have the "I'm sorry look" built in and are hard to discipline.
Puppies have a 3 second attention span unless it is food related.
Puppies have the foresight of a lamp.
A sleeping puppy requires two people. One whose lap is being used, and the other for errands.
A Puppy hardly ever makes you say YES! Except when they fall asleep.

Other people's puppies are still cute.

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